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Strive to create the biggest and safest digital asset exchange service platform

SECRET Exchange persists in the operation principal of "let finance be easy all over the world",establishing a comprehensive and scientific trading system ,providing safe and convenient payment channels for the digital asset dealers by cooperating with the financial institutions.meanwhile,SECRET Exchange is aimed at providing display and circulation channel for the outstanding digital asset holders ,creating an open ,fair and just digital asset trading platform with safe and convenient trading venues for the users who are keen to the digital asset trading.

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Create an open, fair and just digital assets trading platform

About digital asset

Since the birth of digital assets represented by bitcoin in 2009, it has developed rapidly around the world as an Internet technology innovation practice. Digital assets such as bitcoin now have tens of millions of users in hundreds of countries around the world .

Blockchain technology comes from bitcoin ,

Bitcoin is currently the largest application of blockchain. Many world celebrities have compared bitcoin with the invention of the Internet, calling it and its back-loaded blockchain the "financial Internet" that could reshape the financial system from the bottom up

The global popularity of bitcoin and the blockchain continues to rise .

With many of the world‘s leading venture capital firms and the best entrepreneurs pouring into the industry, an economy based on bitcoin and the blockchain has taken shape. Globally, cutting-edge companies such as Google, Goldman sachs, soft-bank and the New York stock exchange have invested in several start-ups in the field, with a total investment of billions of dollars. Predictably, the next 5 to 10 years the banking, securities, insurance, auditing and notarial will appear in such fields as the form of bitcoins and blockchains, And its market economy may reach hundreds of billions of dollars

There are five main views of bitcoin in the mainstream, and a consensus is emerging.

Firstly, bitcoin is a virtual commodity with certain investment attributes;

Secondly, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment device that could challenge Visa’s monopoly in the future;

Thirdly, as a kind of the underlying currency blockchain, it provides consensus solutions for other public blockchains. Bitcoin itself uses the service charge of the underlying area of the blockchain.Bitcoin blockchain will be the application infrastructure of other blockchains in future;

Fourthly, bitcoin is a kind of virtual currency on the Internet, which has certain monetary attributes and certain payment attributes in certain Internet communities;

Fifthly, the currency is a kind of reserve assets like gold, because of its specialty of standardization, can break up, can online transmission ,great advantages in payment efficiency, saving cost, it could be a "digital gold" in future , and will be a global asset might replace gold in the age of the Internet.


Most countries don‘t admit that the Bitcoin is currency presently, but define it as a kind of virtual goods.However, quite a few countries have maken corresponding policy specification and supported its development from the neutral to positive. The United States has included bitcoin in the traditional financial regulatory system, requiring bitcoin companies to apply for MTL(currency transfer license), and the New York state government has launched a special BitLicense to supervise bitcoin; Many countries in Europe have been relatively positive about bitcoin. Some countries have put bitcoin companies in the sandbox. Japan‘s FSA has formally recognized the status of bitcoin and digital currencies, requiring digital currency exchanges to be registered with the FSA. Russia has introduced a ban on bitcoin, which has been liberalized after a number of countries introduced policies. Raghuram Rajan, the governor of the reserve bank of India, argues that there should be no strong intervention but deep research before a deeper understanding of bitcoin;

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